-Screening: Video Alterazioni
at White Slab, Jan 31 2011

-Screening: Untitled: curated by Jeffrey Tranchell
at White Slab, Jan 24 2011

-Screening: The Commensurate: curated by Chelsea Knight
at White Slab, Dec 20 2010

-Screening: Caspar Stracke: Collaborations || Alterations
at White Slab, Dec 6 2010

-Screening: Justin Berry: Men With No Names
at White Slab, Nov 29 2010

-Screening: Christoph Draeger
at White Slab, Nov 22 2010

-Screening: Heidrun Holzfeind
at White Slab, Nov 15 2010

-Screening: Living Environments: curated by Heidrun Holzfeind
at White Slab, Nov 8 2010

-Screening: Hans Breder: In−Mix
at White Slab, Nov 1 2010

-Screening: The YES MEN fix the world
at White Slab, Oct 25 2010

-Screening: The Sick Films of Reynold Reynolds curated by Christoph Draeger
at White Slab, Oct 18 2010

-Screening: Farewell, Christoph Schlingensief organized by Caspar Stracke
at White Slab, Oct 11 2010

-Screening: Pirate Cinema Berlin
at White Slab, Oct 4 2010

-Screening: "Colab: Documents from the End of the '70s" organized by Alan Moore
at White Slab, Sept 27 2010

-Screening: "WHAT'S IN YOUR HEAD" curated by imagespassages
at White Slab, Sept 20 2010

-Screening: "Viral Venture" by Joseph Nechvatal at White Slab, Apr 27 2010

-Screening: "The End of the Remake Trilogy" by Christoph Draeger at MOMA, Feb 17 2010

-Book Launch: "Ambient Information Systems" by Luksch and Patel at Eyebeam, Dec 12 2009

-Christoph Draeger presents: Performance "Black Zero" by Aldo Tambellini+Group Center at White Box, Nov 22 2009, official entry of Performa'09

-Book Launch: "Stadium X-A Place That Never Was" by Joanna Warzwa, at 16 Beaver in November

-Book Launch: "Mexico '68/ CU" by Heidrun Holzfeind, Oct 7 at the Swiss Institute

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