Monday, January 31, 2011, 8pm
at White Slab Palace
77 Delancey Street , NYC 10002
(South East corner of Delancey and Allen Street)

Alterazioni Video is an International art video collective based in Milan, New York and Berlin.

Founded in 2004 by Paololuca Barbieri Marchi, Alberto Caffarelli, Matteo Erenbourg and Giacomo Porfiri, the collective has been invited, among other shows, to the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007 and Manifesta 7.

Artists' Serial Killer
(16:9 colour DV, 12'24'' - 2008)

Artists' Serial Killer is a short film inspired by The Verifica Incerta (Verification Uncertain -1965) by Alberto Grifi and Gianfranco Baruchello.

While the source material of the older film was found in a trash can near Cinecitta and re-edited by the two Italian filmmakers to deconstruct cinematic language, Alterazioni Video applied its editing intervention to some of the most famous conceptual art videos, copies of which the group had stolen earlier from the largest Italian Video Art Archive of the Modern Art Gallery in Turin. The film's pulp fiction narrative is about a man who finds himself in a forest and decides to kill all the artists he meets in his path.

Rosa Perfetto
(16:9 colour HD, 6'04'' - 2010)

Rosa Perfetto (2010) is a 6-minute video featuring a young porn star who is entertaining the medieval burial sculpture of Guidarello Guidarelli. The video has been made by the Italian collective Alterazioni Video for Acapulco, their solo show at the Museo d'Arte della Città di Ravenna, where the sculpture is part of its permanent collection. However, two days before the opening, the museum decided not to show the video and, as of today, is still trying to stop its online circulation.

Guidarello Guidarelli was a knight who served Cesare Borgia until his mysterious death in 1501. In the XIX Century, a legend started to spread, according to which any young woman who kisses the statue would get married within a year. Since then, thousands of women kissed the statue, covering it with lipstick. After the restoration, kissing or touching Guidarello is no longer allowed. Allegedly, this is why the director of the museum decided not to show the work.

All My Friends Are Dead
(16:9 colour, HD, 41': 07" - 2010)

The movie All My Friends Are Dead, 2010, originated during the group's stay in the Bandjoun village in western Cameroon while joining the scientific expedition of the anthropologist Ivan Bargna. It was a time during which the artists familiarized themselves with the society and culture of the Bamileke tribe, whose openness to modernity goes hand in hand with a strong sense of tradition. While shooting a horror movie with a local cast and using the set and the stage as an ethnographic camp, Alterazioni Video has focused on fear as the object of their investigation, blurring the boundaries between reality and deception, personal emotions and stage performances, between art and anthropology.

The film was premiered in the spring of 2010 on the occasion of the show 21x21 curated by Francesco Bonami at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin.
Artists' Serial Killer

Rosa Perfetto

All My Friends Are Dead

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